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Miss Bao's Vision

The vision of Miss Bao grew from wanting to address the problem of waste management in today’s hospitality industry.


By achieving our goal of creating a zero-waste operation Miss Bao is bringing something new to Kingston. We will accomplish this task by implementing the 7 R’s of sustainability, which are: Rethink, Refuse, Reduce, Repurpose, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot. This drives how we operate our business, and, allows us to consciously source, prepare and serve our food and drinks. 


We are passionate about reducing waste, this is how we walk the talk of sustainability: 


We start by rethinking traditional restaurant design. Our kitchen has been operationalized to support our goals, from only using local and seasonal ingredients, to every detail in our workflow and kitchen storage; lighting, décor, tableware, and staff clothing. 

We refuse to accept unnecessary packing from our suppliers and refuse to accept the attitude “that’s just the way it is”. Our establishment wants to spark change in traditionally unsustainable practices. 

To reduce our ecological footprint, we have opted for a menu that is 50% vegan and vegetarian, and we are adamant in our policy to have no single-use plastics in our restaurant. 

We have found creative ways to repurpose food products. 

We reuse traditionally ‘unwanted’ items like trims and peels of food to create some of our amazing dishes. For example, we use banana peels, a typically cast aside ingredient to produce some of our tapas. 

We recycle everything that can be. 

Finally, we address rot by eliminating all organic garbage in our kitchen by composting on-site and using that very compost to grow microgreens with our in-house garden system. 


Our larger goal for the restaurant is to create an environment that surpasses just food. We want to work towards building a sustainable community. Collaborating and supporting like-minded individuals who believe in a sustainable future for everyone. With our restaurant, we hope to not only innovate the hospitality industry but also to support our community in understanding the importance of environmentalism 

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