The Bar

We are passionate about all of our products, not just food, being sourced from local producers. We serve beers from local micro-breweries, and our wine list features wines from small producers who believe in the importance of sustainable agricultural practices. 


We have designed an assortment of precision hand-crafted cocktails. At Miss Bao our aim to revolutionize traditional Asian food also extends to our cocktail menu. We have crafted a series of cocktails featuring traditional Asian liquors such as sake, Japanese whisky and Baijiu, as the base spirit, and from there we get creative. Tea is a meaningful part of Asian culture; therefore, we have found a way to innovate it into our menu by creating a line of tea-infused cocktails. We want to emphasize that all of the cocktails featured on our menu have the ability to be made ‘plant-based.’ 


We think about sustainable practice first in our restaurant. That is why we have eliminated all single-use plastics. We will be a plastic straw free establishment and have purposely opted to use metal straws. The little things matter to us, and we hope to inspire them to matter to you too.