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The Restaurant

Miss Bao has an Asian fusion inspired menu with share plates in the style of tapas. Our restaurant will feature classical dim sum dishes. We want to innovate traditional Asian dishes by having at least half of the menu composed of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free items. This choice is vital to our establishment because our plant-based menu options will decrease our ecological footprint. 


In our restaurant, we believe in the importance of only using quality fresh ingredients. Therefore, our menu is constantly changing and evolving with each season. We take pride in the fact that all of our produce, meat, and seafood is locally sourced and sustainable. Our dedication to achieving zero-waste starts in the kitchen where we endeavor to eliminate all food waste. We incorporate traditionally undervalued food items, such as peelings and trims, in our menu. Our food peelings are used to make our in-house stock and are also seasoned to become key ingredients in other dishes. We have a desire to Do and Be better and want our techniques of reutilizing food to revolutionize our menu and encourage sustainable living. 

Sharing Dim Sum
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